Monday, July 07, 2008

Psycho-Crossers To Go Tubeless?

<=== Stan's NoTubes "The Raven" cyclo-cross tire.

It appears that tubeless tire technology is going to take aim at the cross racing set this fall. Makes sense, at least to me. Bashing a skinny tire rig through rough grass and what ever else those promoters of pain throw at you, I would think tubeless would be an advantage.

Better grip, less rolling resistance, and no high priced tubular stuff to mess with. I can see where some racers may jump on this. Although, it probably isn't as light a system as a nice tubular cyclo-cross wheel set. I think it should be very interesting to see how this plays out. Maybe it will be a good thing for cyclo-cross.

I see Stan's is coming out with the tire pictured above and that Hutchinson has one too. (the Bulldog cyclo-cross tubeless ready concept) For me, it's interesting from the gravel road riding aspects, not so much for me hacking my lungs out jumping over barriers on somebodies lawn somewhere, but that's just me. I'd rather hack my lungs out on some mile and a half climb in Tama County, thank you very much!

At any rate, this tubeless stuff looks to take over the bicycling world. Or will it? I know one thing, when it works, it works well, and less flats with less rolling resistance is a good thing for cyclists. How many vehicles out their with pneumatic tires are still running tubed? Not many but the bicycle.

I'll be keeping my eyes on this cyclo-cross tubeless thing. It looks interesting to me. I won't be grabbing my bike and practicing mounts and dismounts anytime soon though!

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