Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bombs Away!

<===A big slug of H2O

Captain Bob fixed me up with this large water bottle for a special little project I had in mind. It had been bouncing around in his trunk for a few weeks. He didn't know why he kept it around, until he talked to me!

I have one other like it, but it is from the mid 90's and I thought I should just have a fresh one. Funny how this plastic doesn't decay..........think about that! All the plastic water bottles we consume are still kickin' out there somewhere and probably will be for years to come, in a landfill. Blech!'s where my big bottle went!

<====The WTB designed Blackburn "Bomber Cage".

Yep! This puppy has seen a lot of miles and is still kicking. The Bomber Cage is a mid 90's era product that never really caught on, since about the same time hydration packs became popular and frames became less "bottle friendly".

This cage went on a Blackbuck which has bottle bosses designed to work with the Bomber Cage. The three bosses on the down tube match up perfectly, or if you would rather, they allow for two different positions for a standard cage. Just not at the same time!

So, that's 56 ounces of water in one bottle. I mounted a standard cage off the seat post, so now I can travel for hours on the ol' single speed and stay well hydrated.

They really should quit making those water bottles out of clear plastic, but I'm glad I have two for my Bomber Cage now!

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