Thursday, March 12, 2009

Odd Wednesday

I had an odd day on Wednesday. Woke up way too early when my son developed some fever and was fidgeting in my bed with Mrs. Guitar Ted and I keeping us awake. Of course, he couldn't go to school that way, so I was sitting with him all day.

Not that it mattered. It was sub-zero wind chill all day today. Given that last week we were in the 60's, this was a lot harder to take. You lose your ability to deal with that cold weather so fast. Today I felt like my feet were frozen all day long. No bike riding, even if I hadn't had a sick son around. (He's better, by the way)

So, I have hatched this little plan with the mud tire test and I started working on that plan on Tuesday evening. I'll have several tires in the test, and hopefully the muddiness will hang on for a bit so I can get through them all. They are saying we'll warm up to the 40's by the weekend, but the rivers have been so high, that I'm not sure I'll find anything ride able right away. We'll see....

Maybe it'll be a weekend to check out some T.I.V5 stuff. That would be sweet to get that out of the way. There will be lots of activity on that front very soon!

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