Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday News And Views

Mud Bogging: Okay, so last year I came up with this nutty idea to do an experiment with different forks on the same 29"er frame. This year I am doing something goofy like that again, only the idea will be about tires. Tires that are good in the mud, or not!

I've got a fair mount of tires to try out, so what the heck? I figured our sticky black river bottom mud will be perfect as a testing ground and I certainly won't be hurting anything down there in the Green Belt where the trail is scoured, deposited on, and changed about every six months or less.

You see, this is what happens when I can't ride and I have time to sit and think. Not good! Oh'll be fun playing in the dirt again.

Meet The Framebuilders: No, it isn't a cheesy Hollywood movie, it is a series of reports being created by "Grannygear" on The Bike Lab and on Twenty Nine Inches that is dealing with two specialists in each of three materials. The steel builders article is up, and an article on the aluminum builders is on deck with the titanium builders article to follow. Check it out. I am having a great time reading the results of Grannygear's work because the responses of the frame builders has been excellent.

The Big Wheeled Ballyhoo: I will be announcing an update to the old website soon that will include a schedule of events for the October 10th - 11th running of The Big Wheeled Ballyhoo at Potter's Pasture in Nebraska. Potter's Pasture is nearest to Brady, Nebraska whic is approximately 200 miles west of Lincoln, Nebraska and about 285 miles east of Denver, both by interstate highway. Folks may think of that as being another flat place on the earth, but I'm telling you- click the link to the Potter's Pasture site. You will see that it isn't at all what you might have thought it was like.

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