Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wednesday News And Views

A Couple More Thoughts On NAHBS: The handmade bike world is sort of an odd thing for the common cyclist. I think it is much like the custom hot rod world, or the custom motorcycle world. You either get that, or you scratch your head and wonder why. At any rate, some interesting reactions to a post about the "Peoples Choice Award" winner can be found on my post about it on Twenty Nine Inches.

The other thing I thought was notable was the presence of the 650B mountain bike at NAHBS. There were the "usual suspects" showing rigs with the wheel size, and that was to be expected, but I could only discover one "new" player that showed a "B wheeler" and that was Shamrock Bicycles, which I heard got second place in the Peoples Choice voting for their 650B entry. Again I will say that it seems the shine is off the wheel size and if this 650B thing takes off at all, it will be a long, slow climb up from relative obscurity. The showing for the B wheelers was definitely telling in that regard.

Finally, an interesting development has occurred with several frame builders aligning themselves with each other, not unlike a "guild" from the Renaissance era. The Framebuilders' Collective is a coming together of some of that worlds most revered names to form a group that hopes to promote "ethical professional frame builder practices" amongst other ideals such as mentoring new frame builders, and acting as a resource of information on the craft.

An interesting development for sure when seen against the backdrop of several online flame outs of some custom frame builders.

New Floors: It seems that the off season is the time to re-model. My buddy Ben is getting his shop ship shape with a refurbished floor and some redecorating going on. The shop where I work is also getting a make over with a new flooring treatment going on now. It should really change the look of the joint and I am looking forward to seeing both places after the jobs are done. I can only speak for the place I work at now though when I say it is a chaotic situation to work around. But it should result in a nicer looking environment to work in, so I'm good with it.

Riding Weather: The "march" to spring (<===Ha!) is continuing and I am really stoked about the weather getting better. Hopefully the trails catch up soon! It is still a bit too muddy to really expect much yet in the way of off roading, but it won't be long now. I'll be taking it easy for a bit, as I got some sort of bug that I'm trying to kick. It just doesn't seem to want to let go though. In that regard, I am limiting my riding a bit till I can fully recover. Looks like for now, CIRREM is out for me. To those heading down there this weekend, good luck! I was looking to do this event, but I feel it isn't in my best interest with regards to my health at this point, so I'll stick close to home and do some shorter rides instead.

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