Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Is Big

<===Your wheels are not big. These wheels are big.
Today we are going to have a lesson in what is big, and what is not big. Too much hype and hysteria is used these days in touting certain things and aspects of our culture as "big", so I thought a reset was in order.
Like this red bicycle here. It has 36 inch wheels. That's one yard folks! The guys running around, bragging on their bling 22 inchers? Yeah......whatever! 29"er bicyclists giving you a hard time about your "kiddie wheels"? Ha! They haven't got a thing on these hoops, which make a 29"er wheel look like a child's plaything. Now that's big, I tell ya!
<===From Russia with love.
And here we have a beer. Yes folks.....two liters of lager! That's big. It comes from Russia. That's a big, big country. You got a micro-brew that you think is "the bomb"? Ha! This beer comes from the country that made us get into a lot of bombs. Now that's big!
Big taste? Whatever dude! Our American lagers "pale" in comparison to the taste of this heady brown beauty. It actually has a taste! Now that's really big. I tell ya what, the Russians could teach us a thing or two about lager. (And drinking, but that might be a lesson better left un-learned!)
Now when you hear all the hype on the inner-webs and the media about something that is "big" or that is "big news", you'll know better. Just bookmark this blog post for future reference so you will always be grounded in what is really big, and what is not.
Editor's Note: Thanks to Craig Severson for the ballistic missile sized beer and Mrs. Guitar Ted for graciously being my hand model.
Oh yeah! Did I mention that Cannondale is doing a carbon 29"er called the "Flash"? No? Well it's a 2010 product. Stay tuned.......(by the way, that's BIG!)

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