Monday, June 22, 2009

Maintenance Time

I had a great weekend, but never rode a bicycle! How can that be, you might ask? Well, I took some time for maintenance. It really worked out for the best anyway.

Friday was taken up with work, then a quick meal before heading out to get to a band rehearsal for a wedding I played guitar in. Saturday was almost all wedding and then playing guitar in the church service that evening.

Sunday was Father's day. So, with two little ones that are not going to be little much longer, you know.....ya gotta be there when it's happening. Bicycle rides are great, but my kids are not going to be here forever. Priorities.

So as things were progressing through the day, the kids decided to watch some movies, which was my cue to hit the Lab. I did a bit of re-organizing, then hit some of the rigs with some tweaks that I had to make. Add a link to a chain, straighten a chain line, lube some chains, air up some tires, and started the "HiFi Rebuild Project". Some plans were laid, and I made some progress on cleaning too.

Back out of the Lab to re-join the family for the remainder of the day. It sure was good to just relax and hang out with everyone.

Hope you Father's Day was great too.

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