Friday, June 12, 2009

Tour Divide Starts Today!

Special Bonus Post: Today at 9:00am Mountain Standard Time the Tour Divide kicks off from Banf, Alberta Canada. This race is an outgrowth of the Great Divide Race, which will also be starting soon from the point where the Tour Divide route crosses the Canadien/U.S. border.

This year's Tour Divide includes several notable folks including Iowa's own Steve McGuire and Trans Iowa winner Joe Meiser. Popular Blogger from Alaska, Jill Homer is also entered into the event.

You can catch up with the whereabouts, leaders, and stories that will be coming out of this event at Tour Divide's Spot Leader Board site. There are links for each individual racer on the right margin there, plus a bunch of info on the event, the route, and the racers in this years edition.

Curiously, T.I.V5 winner Joe Meiser isn't listed on that site, but no worries! Since Joe works for Salsa Cycles, he has his own Spot Tracker page and coverage on Salsa Cycle's blog. They have posted a "Where's Joe?" link on the right margin of the Amigo's Blog there.

Have fun, track the progress of the event, and imagine what it might be like riding rough back roads and dodging snow, bears, and mechanical troubles for 20 days or so from the comfort of home. Tour Divide will be going on for the next three weeks plus!

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