Friday, June 05, 2009

Single Track Friday

<===Looks like there will be more of this on tap for tomorrow.

I am supposed to meet up with MG tomorrow for some single track goodness done up Nebraska style. Ol' MG told me about a place here in Bellevue, Nebraska called Swanson Park. I remember reading the name in race reports and stories before, so I started thinking.

And you know when I start thinking, I get in trouble!

So i hopped online to set out to see about some directions. Well, whatta ya know! I was about a mile from the Swanson trail head. So I kitted up and went in search of my first Nebraska single track experience. Apologies to MG: I just couldn't resist!

It was great, by the way. The trails were perfect, easy to navigate, and fun. I had about three hours of fun before I could start feeling my back say, take it easy, bro!, so I decided a lap three, it just wasn't a smart ting to do. Especially if I am supposed to hit it again tomorrow with MG.

Hope you all have a great weekend and that you get to riding your bikes out there.

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