Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swamp Thing

<===Badger Dorothy at Cedar Bend.

Well, it is muggy and hot, isn't it? This is that time of year when vegetation reaches its zenith, moisture levels are at a peak, and every insect known to man is crawling, creeping, and flying all at the same time out in the woods of Iowa.

The ground is saturated, swollen, and even under water in spots. Cedar Bend, with it's combination of clay and sand, drains this moisture really well. So that's where I went yesterday, since my Dirty Blue Box has a wobble in the rear tire that about shakes the thing to bits at highway speeds. I was going to recon the GTDRI course, but that wheel wouldn't allow that and be safe, so I went as far as I thought I could on back roads to Cedar Bend.

<===A little relief from all the "green-ness"!

I took the Dorothy up to test it out. It rides fantastic. Then quickly I swapped over to the Dos Niner to get some stuff done on that review on the wheels that are on it, and the crank set.

The course was pretty slippery, and the mud was flying at times. It was so hot and muggy that I was drenched within seconds of leaving the car. Everytime I stopped, the swarm of flying insects would swarm my head. Yeah.....this is summer in Iowa all right!

<====Got any 'gators out there?

But you know, a good day of riding is better than about anything, even if it is uncomfortable out. At least, that's what I think!

So I tested the wheels, (they are great, by the way) and the crank set, which is 2X9, worked really well. More detailed reports are coming.

For now though I am glad that it is warm, and it is riding time! Got to get it while you can. Remember, only four more days till we start getting shorter on the daylight! (Better start recharging those night lights now!)

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