Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday News And Views

Update On The UCI Certification Story: Monday I posted a story about how the UCI was going to set in motion a plan to have all road and time trial bikes meet a certification process and how that might affect the bicycle industry. (Read that post here)

Although some poo-pooed the idea that it was detrimental to the industry, or that the UCI's scope would expand, it seems that now the industry has had its say with the commission heading up the inquiry into the plan for the UCI. Now it appears the plans have been put on hold.

Although full details are not known, it is widely held that the bicycle industry vociferously opposed the new regulations as being too much of a financial burden. Guess we'll all see where this goes after February 1st.

Update On The Snow Dog: Late Thursday evening it was completed. All approximately 34lbs of fat bike goodness. Yes: that is one heavy bicycle! I'll tell you that most of it is in the wheels. Those babies will be some gigantic flywheel-like, rubber doughnuts for sure. One thing I know- I am going to burn through some calories pushing that bike around hill and dale.

I couldn't get an accurate weight on it since my scale wouldn't grab ahold of the thing properly. When I get it to work, I'll get a proper weight on it, but suffice it to say, it weighs more than any other bicycle I own. I'm sure it will hold a line quite nicely! Yes- Templeton Rye was drank afterward in celebration of the finish.

Pics? Well, it was too late to go outside and get any, besides which, it is wicked cold out there, so I'll grab a few images to post later. Stay tuned............

So, What's Next? Next I am turning my attention to maintenance of the "fleet" here. Then I will focus on getting my three main gravel grinders in tip top shape. The Badger will be getting new levers....maybe.....if the guy that is selling me his Ultegra levers ever hooks up with me. I will also be looking at a few nice upgrades to the Fargo, and possibly the Singular, although being a single speed, and tricked out, there isn't a whole lot one can do there.

But first I have a lot of work to do to get test mules and test bikes for Twenty Nine Inches in tip-top shape. Yes.....I believe in Spring! Warmer weather is coming. No......really!


Captain Bob said...

Yes, spring is near! I sense I will be fishing soon.

Ari said...

My pugs with rack, bags, pogies and all weighs 45 lbs. I have lost 6 lbs so far since december riding it . I run the tires at 10lbs with my 235lbs weight.
good times,