Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday News And Views

Beauty of a Scooter
Breezer Bikes Lightning: Okay, it is mountain bike history time folks. Guess who in assembled tubes into a frame and assembled components to it......the first purpose built mountain bike of the modern era. (Okay- we're not including the "Buffalo Soldiers" here, former college profs,  or any ol' French gang that happened to be riding a bicycle off pavement. We're talking a purpose built machine for down hill racing off road.

Yup- that'd be Joe Breeze circa 1977.

This rig here is the latest design from the mind of that pioneer of mountain biking that was contemporary with Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly, and others who formed the basis of what we call mountain biking today. That makes this bike a bit more special in a way. That and it is almost too pretty to get dirty.


Joe Breeze was one of those early Marin folks that took to "clunking" on old Schwinn "ballooner" bikes that were fitted with all manner of components in an effort to make the ultimate off road machine from "found" parts. One of his earliest creations was a bike based upon a "Pre-War", (That'd be the Second World War my chillun!) , Schwinn that featured the ubiquitous "dart" paint job. Later on in Joe's mountain bike history, many of his Breezer mountain bikes sported similar livery, thus the traditional dart paint scheme on the Lightning here. The blue positively glows on this rig. It is an amazing looking bike.

Hopefully the review for Twenty Nine Inches will match the amazing level of the look this bike has as well. We'll see.

Project Two-Six- Yet again!
Project Two-Six Update: Yesterday I posted all about the tires on this rig, but I didn't say anything about the bike in particular. Well, I made one major change, which will lead to another. There is a plan to all of this as well.

First, the eagle-eyed amongst you may see that I swapped out saddles with the help of Captain Bob. (Thanks man!) This is a Brooks Pro of indeterminate vintage. Massive improvement over the Wrights saddle that came off. That said, it still isn't quite right. 

The proper saddle would be a Brooks B-17, but I'm thinking B-67 Springs. Width. Heavy Duty. It all fits the purposes I have in mind here, which is for this bike to become my "townie", errand bike, grocery-getter. I'd like to put some nicer fenders on it, and maybe, if I can get enough use out of it, I'd put on a nicer wheel set at some point. But the saddle and fenders come first.

Of course, this then begs the question: "Where is the Brooks Pro going?" Right then. Well, my initial thought is to send it on over to my Karate Monkey. The Pro model is meant for a handle bar position somewhat below the saddle, and that's exactly where the handle bar position is on the Monkey. I think it will be a good fit.

Fixation "Accela" Tires: Fixie hipster? Just like colored tires? Need some long wearing, puncture resistant training tires?

Well, Fyxation has a new tire out in folding and wire beads in black or white/black, (as shown), in 700 X 23mm and 700 X 28mm sizes for MSRP of $36.95 (folder), and $25.95 (wire bead).

The press release said that the rubber compound used is a harder, longer lasting one that resists abrading. Could be good as a commuter tire, or for dressing up a bike with the flashy white treaded model. Either way, these are available now from dealers. Check it all out on their site here where you will also find a dealer list.

NOS Ukai Alloy wheel, circa 1980
Mike's Bikes: Tonight is the night I will be hanging out at Mike's Bikes in Northfield, Minnesota. I like going here. I'm a bike geek, and Mike's got bike geek magnets all around his shop.

I never cease to be amazed at the stuff I've unearthed while poking around there. Last year I saw this NOS Ukai wheel, and an early 90's Ritchey P-22 frame set.

What will I see this year? Who knows? It will most likely be very cool, old, and rare. Oh yeah......I'll probably see a bunch of beers and Greek pizza. Maybe not.......but most likely, I will. Let's see- what else will happen? Well, we might go and ride outside this time. It has been a lot milder this winter. Usually we lay down a blue groove right inside Mike's shop.

Whatever happens, I'll likely be off the grid here till Monday. So, Mike's Bikes, Frostbike, and what ever else happens will have to wait until Monday's post. (Most likely)

Have a great weekend ya'all!

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Velocodger said...

Props for giving Joe Breeze credit. He is the Original, and a heckuva nice guy too.