Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Four Cycling Brands To Promote Cutters Ball #3

And Now For News (Bonus Post!)

Party On Garth....
 News of the third annual "Cutters Ball" comes to me from one of the four promoting brands behind the event, "Banjo Brothers". So...just what the heck is this??

The "Cutters Ball" isn't a formal, it isn't a fancy-pants dance gig, and has no pretensions other than being a fun place to hang out with like minded cycling freaks, like say.......yourself, perhaps. I would liken it to a woodsie, a kegger, or a party you had in high school at a friend's house when their parents were gone, except this one is legal!  And it happens in this huge old warehouse sort of building where two other of the brands behind this call home: Peacock Groove and Handsome Cycles. 

The fact that this building is in a somewhat sketchy neighborhood in East Minneapolis only adds to the excitement. Ya gotta have a little danger in you mix to make "fun".

So, who is the fourth brand involved? One look at the flyer for the "Cutters Ball" should clue you in, as it is in the inimitable style of Twin Six.  T-6 has been involved in the party both years it has been thrown and well, have I. The party is a big gathering of the Mid-West's cycling fanatics, dealers, insiders, core folk, and general hob-nobbers on two wheels. You should go to this if you are in town.

I don't think the folks in Minnesota can count well, but I'll forgive them this, as a fifth brand is listed on the information I got, which is O2 Rainwear.  And is that a HED icon I see on the flyer as well? Ah.......faggeda-boudit!! Just know that a bunch of Minnesota based cycling companies are on-board with this gig, okay? I mean, who's counting, really?

Here's the "official blah-blah" as it was sent to me:

February 7, 2012 – Minneapolis, MN— For the third consecutive year four of the cycling industry’s emerging new brands, Handsome Cycles, 02 Rainwear, Twin Six and Banjo Brothers partnered to host the Cutters Ball. The Cutters Ball is an underground, unsanctioned celebration of Minneapolis Bike Culture for local cyclists and a free social event for visiting bike shop staff that are in Minneapolis for an annual trade show. The free party takes place in South Minneapolis, in the workspace of custom frame builder, Peacock Groove.

The Cutters Ball takes place Saturday, February 18th from 7pm-?? at 2718 East 28th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota. The event is free. Host sponsors are Twin Six, Banjo Brothers, 02 Rainwear and Handsome Cycles. Other sponsors include Hed Cycling, Peacock Groove, Kurt Kinetic, Jimmy Johns and Pabst Brewing Co.

So there ya go. Can't say I didn't warn ya'all about the impending "par-tay". Will I be there? Might be. You'll have to go and see. 


Jim Thill said...

Pssst, just between us, it really isn't "sketchy". I live nearby and only feel threatened when Noren turns on the charm! But don't tell anyone - I'd hate to lose my gritty reputation.

Guitar Ted said...

@Jim Thill: Well, I've been there, and it "looks the part", and Noren's descriptions have been, .....ah..."colorful", shall we say?

So, ya isn't "Suburban Utopia" by any means!

Jim Thill said...

True, the area does frighten the suburbanites. OTOH, it's also a trendy place for hipster college kids and left wing professors and upscale hippies to reside. It was sketchier 10 years ago.

MV said...

Thank you Guitar Ted. Banjo Mike

MG said...

Looks like a good time...