Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Fat Bike Chat

Every Tuesday night for the past four weeks there has been a chat on Twitter, (the social network site), that commences at 7:00pm CST and goes for an hour or so. Sometimes longer. I've been partaking of this digitized get together and it seems to be pretty fun.

Twenty2 Cycles Bully
The "chat" is hosted by Twenty2 Cycles and the topics range from what the trends in fat biking are, to what tires work where, and where the races and events are for fat-biking.

Twenty2 Cycles is based in Colorado and have taken to doing lots of frames in titanium, (although they also can work in steel), and they have a fat bike model called the "Bully". The frame looks very well made and to top it off, Twenty2 has some trick sandblasted/polished graphics which really look hot on titanium bikes.

Twenty2 also have a killer page on their site explaining all things fat bike related which you can check out here. So they are really into this fat bike stuff. Makes sense they'd do a "Fat Bike Chat" now, doesn't it?

So, yeah.......about that chat thing. It's pretty easy to just be a lurker, or to join in. Go to Twitter and search the #fatbikechat "hash tag" on Tuesday night next week and see what's being discussed. It's definitely well worth doing. If you'd had been on this week you may have read why cheaper steel fat bike frames are not being made, what width tires are most likely to be desired in the future for fat bikes, and even a rumor about a bigger company possibly getting into fat bikes for 2013.

Yep! It's lively and fun to see what the fat bikers are in to these days. Check it out. Follow @Twenty2Cycles or me, @guitarted1961 on Twitter and you'll be sure not to miss it.

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mw said...

didn't know it was a tuesday thing. ha. i need to pay attention more.

oh yeah, fatbikes are fun.