Thursday, June 21, 2012

Three Stops

On yesterday's ride I made three stops. This is the story about them....

Safety stop...
First Stop: This was a "Safety Stop". I do this when I've done a fair bit of the beginning of the loop to check on things with new rigs and to make any necessary fit adjustments.

The Fuji I was riding was a new-to-me rig, but it probably was culled from Fuji's test/demo fleet, as it was obvious that it had ben used previously. So this was not a big deal stop here. Check over, snap a few images, and then hit the trail again.

Fortunately I have had enough set ups that I know before going out what to tweak on most bikes. This always saves some precious trail time. That doesn't mean I won't stop, because being cautious with an unfamiliar rig has paid dividends before.

Leg met dirt, amongst other body parts.
Second Stop: This was an unplanned get-off. The incident was a product of a mismatched equipment to conditions situation.

The spec'ed WTB Bronson tires are great for soft to tacky conditions. However; the current trail conditions are typical late summer ones where the trails are so dry, they are nearly pavement-like.

Match that up with the flexible outer knobs of the Bronson and you get something along the lines of the following; Grip-grip-grip-zzzzzipppp-no grip! Translation: The Bronson grips like crazy until you exert enough pressure to fold over the flexible outer knobs. At that point, the tire makes an incredible "rrrrrip-zzzzzip" noise, and before you realize what happened, you are out of control.

This occurred on a slightly downhill grade in an off camber left hand turn that I was attempting to fly through. "Attempt", being the operative word here.

Third Stop: Well, there was no way I was going to capture this on film, as it was totally a surprise. I was zipping along the twisty-turny single track when I came around a corner and all hell broke loose.

Feathers. wings, and bodies were everywhere, going in every direction, and I slammed on the brakes to avoid any contact. Turns out Mrs. Turkey and her half dozen chicks were every bit as surprised as I was to see them. Up and away into the surrounding trees went the little, (relatively speaking- a young turkey is bigger than a robin, but smaller than a crow), chicks and Mrs. Turkey, who was rather large, went up, up and away as well.

The next thing I know is that there is no sign of any animal life except the nervous clucks emitting from a few of the young chicks. I stood in awe for a moment or two, then moved on.

That was enough stopping for the day, until the end of the ride. 

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Jason said...

I have come up on turkeys like that too. Of course MY MA Turkey came after me like a bat out of hell and I took off screaming like a little girl.