Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Demo Tour Visit Soon!

Local Plug: 

Salsa Cycles is bringing their demo truck full-o-bikes to Geo Wyth State Park on Friday, June 29th from 4pm till 8pm. 

You can show up, demo a Salsa Cycles bike like a Fargo, Vaya, or Spearfish and test them on Geo Wyth's excellent single track or paved bike paths and service roads.

If you decide to show up, bring your pedals and cycling gear. (Helmets required), and check out these fine bikes. The shop I work at is a Salsa Cycles dealer and this is being done in conjunction with them.Update: Thanks to a comment by "Dave", I am also reminded that you should bring along a credit card. (Precautionary measure in case you ride the bike off into the sunset, never to return. Hint- You'll pay for it!)

Bonus: As an extra special bonus, I will be leading a mini-Fargo/Vaya Adventure Ride which should take in parts of Geo Wyth, the bike paths, and Hartman Reserve. The loop will be about 12-15 miles long and will help folks understand the capabilities of the Fargo and Vaya  bikes.

The Fargo/Vaya Adventure Ride will be technically pretty easy, and there will be stops along the way so I can give some pointers on what the bikes are capable of as we ride through single track, back roads, and paved areas.

Tha Fargo/Vaya mini-Adventure Ride will start about 6pm and should take a little over an hour or so. Helmets required, and waivers signed at the demo truck before you can join. Any questions? Hit me up in the comments section.

See ya on the 29th!

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Dave said...

I did one of these a few months ago. Definitely a good time. Folks will get some kind of bike lust following the demo day. Mukluk was fun, but I have a hankerin' for a Horsetheif now.

The only other thing I'd say is to also bring a credit card, which they will need at the time you sign the waiver. Just a precaution in case folks decide to ride it home. ;-)