Thursday, June 14, 2012

Odd Ball Set Up Man

Making a few adjustments
 Okay- new full suspension test bike. Gotta break it in, set it up, and get it all dialed. You'd think the hardest part would be the suspension, but it isn't. It is the controls on the handle bar.

Maybe I am an odd duck, but I like my brake levers inboard so that I can only reach the lever with my index finger. The shift levers go outside the brake mounts, then the grips come last.

I know it must be an odd way to set up a bike because they never come that way. Brakes are always next to the grips and shifters are always inside  on the bars, closest to the stem. I think that is just weird. I only want to be able to grab a brake lever with my index finger, not my whole hand. Shift levers closest to my hand, but still inside the butt of my palm.

So, every new bike that comes through gets tweaked and I send them back that way wondering if someone else looks at that and thinks, "what a strange set up!"

Got some much needed rain.
I was glad to see that flowers were popping out all around out there in the woods yet. I was a bit concerned a few days ago when it had been so harshly dry, and the ground was cracked.

Of course, it makes for nicer off roading too. Tires stick better. Bumps aren't so rock hard. Gravel roads are not quite so dusty.

Speaking of which- I need to move Friday night's 3GR ride to Saturday morning. It looks as though the weather will not be co-operating anyway, but I have kids coming home from a weeks vacation Friday night. I probably should do the "good Dad" thing. In fact, I want to.  I think I'll have the ride start at 8:00am Saturday then- same place, which is Gateway Park, Cedar Falls.

Hopefully I'll have something else to test for the gravel scene soon. Parts are being obtained. I have a specific set up in mind. The bike is waiting in the Lab. Stay tuned......more odd ball set ups and testing coming soon!


Steve Fuller said...

Not that your setup is odd, but that the "standard" setup is a little easier for new riders to use as they have a good solid grip on the brakes.

Cockpit set up is so personal. I had a friend that told me to move my remote lockout from the RH side of the bars to the LH side since I shifted the front ring less. I moved it the other day and it just feels wrong. Still working out if it's gonna stay that way or not.

Chris said...

hmm ... i've never had a bike that wasn't set-up like yours .. i didn't even know i was an oddball

Exhausted_Auk said...

Any chance you could delay setting off on 3GR until about 8:15? CoJ opens at 8am, and a pre-ride coffee would just make the world a better place.....