Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday News And Views

Salsa Cycles Demo Tour:

Today is the day! At 4pm the demo starts at Geoorge Wyth State Park at the "turnaround", Lodge", "shelter", or whatever you know the "end of the road" at the park as. Just drive all the way back in- you'll find it eventually.

You'll get to ride Fargos, Vayas, Mukluks, Spearfish, and Horsethief 29"ers and maybe get an idea of what Salsa is up to next year if you ask nice.

Come on out and bring your I.D., credit card, pedals and shoes, a helmet, and sign a waiver to get a chance to test ride on dirt or pavement right there in Geo Wyth.

And don't forget- I'll be leading a Mini-Fargo/Vaya Adventure Ride at 6:00pm. The ride will take about an hour and will be a modified loop that will take in parts of both sides of the Cedar River.  Hope to see ya'all there. It should be a good time.

Tragic deer suicide!
Guess He Wasn't Rudolph After All: Wednesday I was riding an errand and I took my usual route westward which leads me across an open field and then down into a "ditch" and to the Sergeant Road bike path right as it goes underneath University Avenue.

I stopped short, just before dropping into the ditch, when I saw a young buck laying on its side. I thought at first it was sleeping, but upon closer inspection, I could see that it was, in fact, dead.

I then assumed that perhaps it had been hit by a car up on the overpass, then thrown over the barricade to the ground below. However, there were no signs of an impact. An impact that would have damaged this deer severely had it occurred. I think it actually was disoriented, scared, and tried to jump off the road, only to fall to an untimely death.

I took the image here the following morning on my way to work. By the way- by the time I came home yesterday it had bloated severely, and was decomposing at a rapid rate, leading me to believe that when I saw it Wednesday, I had only just missed the actual leap of death.

I guess I'll find an alternative route for a bit until this "clears up" a little!

Bio-Hazards, Dirty Triathletes, and Other Disgusting Things: I've said for a long time that folks that wrench on bicycles should get some "bio-hazard pay". Here's a great example of why I think that.

This saddle was to be replaced by the saddle next to it. The old saddle was really crusty. Did it get that way just sitting in the sun.....or some "other way"? Brrr! I don't even want to know, but I had to do the job. Old bar tape that is crustified is another good one to deal with. Oh.....and cleaning tri-bikes tops all of these. Mechanics will know exactly what I mean here.

Oh! But then there is the ancient faux-sheep's hide seat cover! You know- the one someone has been sweating on for ten biking seasons and the owner wants you to save it to transfer to the new bike? Gah! I hate that.

All these things and folks that wear helmets for years without ever washing them just freak me out a bit. (Not to mention the fact that after about 3-4 years the helmet is no good anymore anyway.) All part of the cycling culture, but ya gotta wonder if these same folks are wearing the same socks and underwear everyday, and never washing, or if they slop their food all over their homes like they do their bicycles. (At least I don't have to clean that up if they do!)

 3GR: The 3GR ride will happen from Gateway Park at 8:30am Saturday morning. I'll be doing the route we did the last time we rode from Gateway which should be about two hours or so in length.

It should be pretty hot, so bring plenty of fluids! The roads are dusty but in excellent shape now, so come on out for some fun gravel riding. NOTE: If it is windy out of the south, I have a more east-west rote we may end up doing instead. Also- if the threat of an imminent thunderstorm exists, I won't be coming, but otherwise I will be there Saturday.

Okay- that's a wrap for today. I hope you have some fun on a bicycle this weekend, and if you are local- why not come on over and check out the Salsa bikes? 

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Steve Fuller said...

Used to be that you could easily remove the helmet straps to toss them in the washer. Not any more (at least not on any helmets I've purchased lately)