Wednesday, June 27, 2012


A scree of mental shrapnel today. Get ready for the weirdness......

Here's what I know about this; It is a picture of an unidentified triple clamp fork, curiously missing a brake line, with a Surly Big Fat Larry tire. The fork appears to be installed to a Santa Cruz V-10 DH bike. The tire doesn't look in right relationship to the rest of the image, (if you try to thinker it through as the "tire/wheel is attached to the fork". I do not think it necessarily is.)

The image was posted to Phil Wood's Facebook page and Tweeted by Phil Wood's account with "Hmm..." as the message.

So.......what the heck, right? (WARNING- lot's of speculation to follow!) Here's a synopsis of a discussion on Facebook about this. Basically, an industry insider says this fork doesn't appear to be a currently produced triple clamp fork by any of the major fork makers. Probably a smaller company. Secondly, it may be total dis-information, meant to lead astray folks, but I also learned that DH guys are intrigued by the possibilities of a fat fronted DH rig. It may be something being worked on for Salsa's fat bike FS project, but maybe not.

Whatever it really is, it raises the possibilities to be had by a potential fat bike full suspension device, or just a decent front fork. Interesting stuff........

Update On Salsa Demo Tour Visit To Waterloo/Cedar Falls: 

It came to my attention that Friday's demo tour visit by Salsa Cycles at George Wyth State Park was not given an exact location. Okay, here ya go...

Enter the park by the main gate off Highway 218/27 and go down the service road. Go until you can not go any further, which should be at a parking lot/turnaround with a shelter house.

Don't turn left or right off the main service road. The road winds around quite a bite with several twists and turns, and lasts for maybe three miles or so in.

Make sure you bring the following, if you want to ride:
  • Helmet
  • ID and Credit Card
  • Good Attitude!
  • Pedals*
*Note: You only need your specific clipless pedals if you have shoes to match them.

Also, keep in mind that I will be leading a Fargo/Vaya Adventure ride at 6:00pm. The Demo goes from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. See ya there! 

Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational Update: 

The GTDRI is going to start in front of Bikes To You in Grinnell, Iowa on July 14th at 6:00am sharp. I have also decided that I will veer slightly from my planned use of the opening sections of the past Trans Iowa V8 course and have us ride into Brooklyn, IA.

That should fall at nearly 30 miles into the ride. There is a Casey's General Store there and that should make for a good "breakfast stop" for the ride. I also will likely veer into Grinnell's southernmost side for a noon-time stop at around mile 60-70 at at convenience store near I-80. This will also double as a good jumping off point for those who don't feel up to another almost 60 miles of riding.

I haven't found a good way to get in another convenience store stop......yet. I want to add one more "oasis" stop in that last 60 mile stretch to give us the opportunity to re-supply. Stay tuned to the GTDRI site for updates on that.

Thoughts And Prayers: Seeing images of Colorado Springs last night was shocking, and I want to ask that all of us give some thought and prayer for those affected by wildfires this summer.

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