Thursday, October 02, 2014

Bike Parts Swap

Haulin' and swappin'
Yesterday was a big day of getting stuff done around the shop. I have a long, long way to go yet, don't get me wrong, but this made a big dent into a lot of what I needed to get done.

A short list then...

  • Ancient late 90's Manitou Titanium Spring fork off to a new home in Illinois.
  • Old Bontrager wheel set off to a new home in Cedar Falls. 
  • A new-to-me fat bike wheel- (traded for the wheel set and a rigid fork)- Marge Lite, DMR hub, Bud tire. 
  • Restored two wheel sets with fresh sealant.
  • Tweaked the Sawyer back to B+ glory after a brief test with a different tire on its wheel. 
  •  Started cleaning up the Fargo GEN 2 with a fresh set of tires and will be getting the rigid fork back on for Winter, but I didn't quite get that far.....yet!
The fat bike wheel is an interesting pick up. The wheel itself will end up on the son's bike. At some point another Marge Lite will be laced up to a rear hub in red, (his favorite color), and the front re-laced to a front brake standard red ano hub to match. (Then he can have TWO brakes!) I'll get the Bud. That's going on the Snow Dog. That bike is up for drive train updates and another matching Bud for the rear of the bike. Hopefully before the snow arrives.

 Swapping now and plans for swapping later! And then the imminent arrival of the Blackborow cannot be forgotten. It's going to be a good Winter.........

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