Saturday, October 04, 2014

Trans Iowa V11: Registration Details

This is the post detailing how you can register for Trans Iowa V11 which happens April 25th and 26th, 2015. Please read the following very carefully. It may mean the difference between your getting in or not.

First of all, 12 Winners, as detailed in this post, have guaranteed spots in Trans Iowa V11 if they send in their cards in time. Anyone of the following twelve will get in to Trans Iowa V11 by sending in a post card. The post card must have the following on it written legibly or it will not be accepted:
  • Name
  • Class (Open Mens, Open Womens, Single Speed/Fixed)
  • A current e-mail which you can be reached at. 
This post card must not arrive before October 27th and must be received by November 1st! Please address the post card to:

Europa Cycle & Ski
c/o Trans Iowa V11
4302 University Avenue
Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Here's the list of the twelve, just in case anyone missed this:

 Ira Ryan- T.I.V1, T.I.V3
Lindsay Gauld- T.I.V2*
John Gorilla- T.I.V4*
Joe Meiser- T.I.V5, T.I.V6*
Dennis Grelk- T.I.V7
Eric Brunt- T.I.V8
Rich Wince- T.I.V9
Greg Gleason- T.I.V10
Janna Vavre- T.I.V7
Monika Sattler- T.I.V9
Agytha Gryglak, Sara Cooper (tied)-T.I.V10

Image by Wally Kilburg

30 spots for Finishers will also be up for grabs by post card entry starting October 27th. Again- DON"T SEND ENTRIES SOONER!! They will not be accepted. Don't try sneaking in if you are not a Finisher either. I have records, ya know! Get those post cards in by November 1st! Later than that and you won't be in T.I.V11. Your post card should have the same info and be sent to the same address as above for the Winners. NOTE- If the 30 spots are gone before the 1st, that's it. If they don't get used up, the left overs will be passed on to the Vets.

J.P. Kruse following Agytha Gryglak. Image by Wally Kilburg

The Vets will be vying for a total of 40 slots. The window of opportunity to get in is going to be from November 3rd till November 8th. Do not send your card in before this! The following items must be on your post card in a legible fashion or you will not be in T.I.V11. Legibility is judged by Guitar Ted and my decisions are final. Don't fail because of poor penmanship! Here is what you'll need to include.
  • Name  
  • Class: (Open Mens, Open Womens, Single Speed/Fixed)
  • Current e-mail where you can be reached.
  • What Trans Iowa(s) You Rode In. 
The address to send your card is the same as listed above. NOTE: If the class fills up before November 8th, that's it. If there are left over spots, they will be passed down to the Rookie Class.

Image by George Keslin

The Rookie class will be vying for 40 spots as well. The window of opportunity for the Rookies to get their cards in will begin on November 10th and closes out on the 15th Although, I highly doubt it will take more than 48 hours to fill up these 40 spots.  I could be all wrong about that though. Anyway.....

Post cards are made from paper. Just thought I'd mention that. I disallowed some wooden plaques one year because they are, well........not post cards. So, make sure you send in a card. Okay then, here is what must be on that card in a legible, (that's readable to me), form.
  • Name
  • Class (Open Mens, Open Womens, Single Speed/Fixed)
  • Current e-mail where you can be reached.
  • Write down Rule #18 verbatim from the Trans Iowa site. Any deviation from the rule as written will DQ your entry. (And I must be able to read it!!) 
  • Send the card to the address listed up above
Fine Details;

Every year the scramble for Trans Iowa entry is incredible. Folks send in cards too early and miss it. Some folks don't think I am serious about being able to read their cards, and they get tossed. (Several every year- really.) Some get lost in the mail, (only rarely, but I know it has happened), which is a bummer, but that's the way it can go sometimes. Here are the ways folks send in cards and which are totally okay.
  • Personal delivery- Either by the rider themselves or by someone else.  NOTICE- This year any cards "slipped under the door" will not be accepted. Personal delivery means you have to actually hand them to me personally. Got it? This will keep things on an even playing field for everyone. Delivery couriers count in this, like the pizza delivery man, flower delivery, etc. (Yes- I get entries this way sometimes!)
  • USPS
  • UPS Overnight
  • FedEx Overnight
  • USPS Priority Mail

So, if there are any questions, hit the comment section. Pay attention to the dates and times! Good luck!


Unknown said...

When you say "write down" do you mean "hand-write" or can we type?

Guitar Ted said...

@KT DeSantis- Type or hand written is okay. Just make sure I can read all of it.

julia said...

What, if any, are the exemptions and expectations for those who volunteered last year?


Guitar Ted said...

@julia: There is a volunteer exemption which allows any previous year volunteer to add their name to the list of riders for the upcoming version of Trans Iowa. So if you volunteered last year, you could ride next Spring if you wanted to. I just require an e-mail and a verification that the person actually was a volunteer.

Michael Lemberger said...

Multiple cards okay if we keep it reasonable—say 2 or 3? (redundancy in case USPS loses something...)

Guitar Ted said...

@Mauricio Babilonia: Yeah, that's cool. But show some faith man! (<==HA)

desmoducati said...

Looking to volunteer for TI V11 support.