Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Geezer Ride Update

Here are some final details for those planning on hitting up the Geezer Ride this Saturday at 8:00am in Amana Iowa.

We've been pummeled by a lot of rain in the past 48 hours. However; if the Sun reappears for a few days, and the temperatures moderate a hair, the B Maintenance roads should be okay for us. The rest of the gravel roads will be dusty as ever by Saturday!

The weather looks to be darn near perfect right now. It will be chilly to start and we'll be heading into a Northwest breeze to start out. I'd recommend layering up with at least a base layer, preferably Merino wool or a good quality cold weather base layer, a long sleeved jersey or a short sleever with arm warmers, and a wind breaker. I'd definitely wear your tights and wool socks. Good full finger gloves are a must as is a warm head covering. You may want to pack in a lighter cycling cap for later, as we'll be turning out of the wind eventually and the temps should reach 60° in the latter stages of the ride. Bright sunshine should dictate dark lenses on the eyewear front. Be prepared to shed some stuff and have a place to store it, like a trunk bag, or frame bag.

I will be the ride leader and so I will have a cue sheet along with me. I won't be bothering with extra cues, as this is a no drop ride, but feel free to bring a map if you want to. There will be a few good bail outs if you don't feel up to the entire 40 miles.

I've heard from a couple guys that will be bringing fat bikes, so ya'all can be assured that riding whatever you want will fit right in this group! Again, the pace will be slower, we will stop a few times, and no one will be left behind.

I am really looking forward to this- I hope you are too, if you can come along. Ask questions in the comment section!

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