Monday, October 27, 2014

Registration Daze

Mail bag from T.I.V10
Today I suspect will be a bit of a strange day at work. Trans Iowa V11 registration starts today for Finishers and Winners. Veterans and Rookies will have to wait their turn. (All the registration details can be found here.)

This week will be the week where we will see 30 spots filled by past finishers of Trans Iowas and there are 12 spots reserved for past winners of Trans Iowas. I've seen several shots of cards sent already which were posted to Facebook over the weekend. From this intel, I can already tell you that last Spring's victor, Greg Gleason is coming back to defend his title, and that a few guys that haven't been back for a few years or skipped last year are making their intentions known that they will have to be dealt with next Spring for V11.

The end of October and beginning of November are usually pretty slow times at the bike shop where I work, as they are in many regional bicycle shops here, so this bit of distraction is a welcomed thing now. We'll all be curious to see who walks in right away with cards today and what the mail man will bring us. I suppose we'll even see the FedEx lady and the UPS guy will likely be in early as well. Plus you never know what surprises lie in store for us today. We've enjoyed some pretty unusual deliveries in the last ten years!

Whatever happens, I'll have a report on it for tomorrow and I will try to update the roster throughout the day. How long will it take for all the allotted spots to be claimed? I bet it won't take long! We'll see........

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