Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fat Biking Sunday

Following the boy on the leafy single track
Sunday was another big ride for my son on his fat bike. He is getting a bit cocky with his one handed riding and drinking from his bottle, but otherwise he's doing well.

I probably don't get him out often enough, as he's not gotten some concepts down that maybe he should know by now. Trouble is, in the neighborhood we live in, I cannot let him ride this very far out of eyesight, or some ne'er-do-well would knock him off it to steal it. That's not a wild imaginative thought here- it's a real possibility. I've actually witnessed this happen years back. Sad to say it, but that's how bad things have gotten since I was a kid.

So, I take him out as often as I get chances to, but it isn't like when I was young and I rode ten miles a day for days on end, learning everything about bicycles I could learn in a fast paced learning environment. That all by myself with my parents often not knowing where I was at. Not a once in a while outing with a parent, like it is with my son. But that's another story.....

Our ride was great. A bit trying at times for both of us, but great none the less. Learning isn't easy this way, but it is forward progress.......

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