Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Registration Daze Update 2

T.I.V10 winner, Greg Gleason will be back to defend his title.
Well, we are not even a third of the way through registration and the Trans Iowa field is looking stacked. Last Spring's Trans Iowa victor, Greg Gleason, will be coming back, and will try to "just finish", (his words), Trans Iowa V11. Greg has competed at a top level in several events over the season, so if he shows up in form, I expect big things from him.

On the women's side, we will have two strong riders in Sarah Cooper and Andrea Cohen. Sarah and Andrea have both shown grit and toughness throughout the '14 season and should both be considered favorites to take out a win in their category, or even for the overall.

Single speeders Troy Krause, Mark Johnson, and David Swanson are also very capable of taking out an overall win and should be watched closely. These guys could very well have an advantage if Trans Iowa is wet this next Spring since their drive trains are less likely to fail in the unforgiving grit and dirt of Iowa roads.

Anther guy I'd tab to win is Corey Godfrey, who could, if he can avoid calamity, win this event easily. He's shown that he can get out front and stay there, but it seems that something always bites him about 3/4's of the way through. He is way overdue to take out a win. Chris Schotz is another guy you cannot count out. He will be at the front if he shows up in form. I don't think Chris has ever finished outside the top five when he has finished.

There are others that could snatch away a victory if these folks fail. Charles Parsons is tenacious and has finished several T.I. events. Lots of experience is on his side. Same with Charlie Farrow, who had a gutty ride on a single speed last Spring, showing that while he may be aging, he still has that intangible "something" that makes him push through things others simply cannot. Better watch him too. I think I saw another Duluthian's card on Facebook, and if that shows up, there will be a multiple T.I. bride's maid with some formidable capabilities at the start line. Oh yeah......this could get interesting! 

And we haven't even gotten to the Vets and Rookies yet. Could be the best Trans Iowa field ever. Can't wait to see who else signs up in the coming days.......


MG said...

This will be a fun T.I. to watch from the sidelines!!

Guitar Ted said...

@MG: Yes. I think so too. And like I say- we don't even have the full roster signed on yet!