Monday, October 27, 2014

Registration Daze Update

T.I.V11 mailbag- It's just the beginning!
Trans Iowa V11's first day of registration went down much as I expected it to, albeit maybe with lower initial numbers. There were surprise visitors, nice e-mails sent, cards came by all manner of delivery methods, and some folks screwed up again.

It never ceases to amaze me how registration gets goofed up by some folks. I try hard to be super clear, I try hard to link to details, and I think I have made things really simple to understand. 

BZZZT! Wrong. Wrong again.......... ah well. 

We're humans and by definition we are not perfect or even close to being able to communicate clearly all the time or in certain cases, any of the time. Why should I be any different? I am not. So, I simply must shrug this off and take solace in the fact that most of you get it and things go mostly quite well, actually.  For those of you that have stumbled due to my set up, or for whatever the reason- haven't gotten this straight in your mind- I apologize. I'm positive I did my best, but it may not have been good enough for you.

But anyway...... 17 folks signed on so far. One from the pool of 12 winners, the rest are past finishers. That means we have 11 spots reserved for past Winners and 14 left for past finishers. If the Winners spots are not all taken, I will toss up to ten of those over into the past finishers pool. If there still are left overs, they will get passed down to the Veterans for next week's phase of the Trans Iowa registration. We're going to have a roster of 120, so this is how it will work from this point. Stay tuned tomorrow for updates on the progress of Registration.

Any questions? Hit the comment section, please. Thanks!

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Davids1174 said...

I am glad to hear there will be spots tomorrow. I did next day USPS and said it can't be there Saturday, but those hard working USPS guys got it out to you to quickly.