Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Registration Daze Update #5

Post cards- Check! Templeton Rye- Check! Tacopocalypse t-shirt- Check!
In my last update I predicted that the registration process for Vets was about to get crazy. I was pretty much spot on with that assessment. Monday morning was a buzz of activity from the moment I got to work.

There were a slew of entries right outta the gate. A few walk-ins, but the most impressive by far was Troy McDermott who started riding at 2:30am from Dubuque, approximately 90 miles away, to deliver his card, and then he turned around and rode back. That was a new one on me!

A couple more lovely plants, a bottle of Templeton Rye, and a great visit from Sam Auen of Tacopocalypse. He gifted me a great new t-shirt and some koozies to wrap my cold ones with. Thanks Brother! I even got a "long distance hug" from my Brother MG delivered by Kevin Fox. (He did it right, MG. You'd be proud.) To top it all off, I was graced by a visit from Charles Showalter, who was hand delivering a card for another rider. All in all, good times were had and of course, many spots on the roster were claimed.

I noted a distinct lack of entries from the Western states. Hmm.....Anyway, we filled all but 10 of the available spots. Had the Winners and past Finishers claimed all their spots, the Veteran registration would have filled in a day. As it is, I bet by 9:30am it will be filled, and anything arriving later than that will be too late. I suspect that the Rookies will fill their allotment in mere hours next Monday.

Okay, so how's it looking from a roster standpoint? I am a bit disappointed we are not seeing more females enter. That field looks pretty slim again, so far...... The rest of the group looks like we have a field of guys with a score to settle. Lots of mentions of wanting to bag that elusive Trans Iowa finish. Others mentioned being stoked to see the gang again. I agree, it is somewhat of a big family reunion at this point!

Stay tuned for one more update on the roster this week, and then we'll wait till Monday to see how fast the Rookies can top out the roster to 120 entrants.


Kate Geisen said...

You have at least one female postcard coming next week!

MG said...

I knew Kevin would get it right... Thanks Brother!! I'm looking forward to volunteering for TIv11. It'll be fun to cheer everyone on, especially Joe Stiller on his fatbike. I'm hopeful he'll make history there...


K-Train said...

Hope you enjoy the Rye - just a small token to say "Thanks" from me & Eric. We (and many others) appreciate all the hard work & countless hours that you invest to make this happen. And looking at next week's weather forecast - a little 'antifreeze' in the tank wouldn't hurt.