Saturday, November 01, 2014

Recon Again!

It'll probably be a lot browner this time!
Another day of recon happens today, and hopefully this wraps up everything on this till our recheck in the Spring.

Jeremy and I will be focusing on a mid-route change that should make for a good resupply point and then we'll move on to cover the back end of the route to make sure it all makes sense coming back to the Barn near Grinnell.

The weather will be cool, but the Sun is supposed to shine and I think any dirt roads we come across should be drivable, as there hasn't been much of any rain for quite awhile now. I'm hoping we can knock the whole thing out and get back in time for supper, but we'll see about that! There will be a breakfast and some processed beef products washed down with energy drink along the way, I'm sure.

Today also marks the close of the registration for Winners and Finishers of past Trans Iowas. There looks to be several spots that won't get claimed so I will add those to the 40 for the Vet Class which sees their window of opportunity open up Monday. I'll have a final count of available spots by tonight, so at some point, maybe Sunday- I will have the site updated with what is going on there.

I'll have the recon report on Monday with any news about odd things, roads we saw, and of course, a bunch of images, hopefully. Stay tuned!

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