Saturday, November 08, 2014

Registration Daze Update #6

One More Crazy Day:

The Vet registration finally concluded Friday around noon when the last spot was claimed by an express mailed card. The next to last spot was a walk-in earlier that day. So we're 2/3rds of the way to a full field for Trans Iowa V11.

Before I get to the roster and the last phase of registration, I want to address a couple of things that have occurred, (and likely will again today), in regard to the registration. First of all, I have stated in no uncertain terms how registration works. If you can not find it written down in the link from this blog which is found on the Trans Iowa site at least three times, then it cannot be done, doesn't have to be done, or isn't against the rules to do. I've gotten questions about holding early received cards, (registration rules say no), I've gotten questions about sending in multiple cards,(registration post discourages this in the comments section, but doesn't say you cannot do it), and whether or not Rule #18 can be typewritten or handwritten, (either is fine, I just have to be able to READ it).

Next- I have stated that if your entry arrives too soon, it will not be accepted. I have already received Rookie registration cards. Several. Guess what?  You got it......they do not count. Not my fault folks. Anyone can send an over nighted, guaranteed delivery card on Saturday, (which won't be delivered on a Sunday), and it would arrive on a Monday, no? You see, these companies that expedite mail don't work on pinpointed dates, they figure if they beat the claimed delivery time, that's good, right? So some folks didn't account for that, I guess. Again, that isn't my issue to deal with, but I simply put that out there so when I get the pile of over nighted entries today, you will know that they won't get you into T.I.V11. There probably will be post cards as well in the USPS. Same deal there.

Lining up to go after it in T.I.V8 (Image by Wally Kilburg)

The Veteran's Class: 

While there are several perennial Trans Iowa riders not in the event this year on the finisher's side, I  see that the Veteran's Class is stocked with many riders with multiple Trans Iowa attempts. Some of these folks are like family to me anymore. There is a good crop of riders from the T.I.V10 roster that didn't make it last Spring and will be gunning to check Trans Iowa off their "bucket list" of accomplishments. A couple of faces I haven't seen for a few years are back as well. In international news, we have a couple riders from Canada. The two fellows from Germany, Ralf and Gerald, have both committed to come back to Iowa also. Finally, I have to mention Jim McGuire, who is the only rider to have attempted every past Trans Iowa. He threw his hat into the ring for #11.

Crazy Monday Ahead!

Monday at 9:00am the registration for the Rookies will start. Last year, (and I double checked on this), the registration filled up for Rookies in 4 hours.  I fully expect that to happen again this Monday. Remember- I have to receive the card, the card has to be legible, and I will take the cards first come- first served. Any extras will not be held in a waiting list and entries are not transferable. There will be a significant pile of broken dreams again, but that's how it goes.

Okay, once the roster is set, I will have some other news and plans to go over soon. Stay tuned.....

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