Saturday, November 15, 2014

Trans Iowa V11: Registration Daze: Final Words.....

While the roster was settled on Monday, the Rookie registration for Trans Iowa V11 caused the biggest stir ever since the Rogue Seven of Trans Iowa V2's registration. I got more suggestions to "fix things" than ever and a ton of questions. I wanted to put out a definitive "final word" on this situation to settle the subject once and for all. Okay? Here we go....

  • Letting More Folks In: Short answer- NO. Longer answer: This format, the way Trans Iowa has been formulated carefully and thoughtfully over ten years time, will not support more riders in the event. There are two main reasons for this. One is convenience store supply options. I cannot expect that having more people swarm a convenience store will be good for the competitors, the businesses, or Trans Iowa in general. We are already seeing and hearing that certain situations regarding convenience stores and the riders coming in are stressing the limits of what these stores can reasonably supply. To go "bigger" would require a different way of supplying the riders and would fundamentally change the way I would need to staff and fund Trans Iowa. Secondly, it would cause more issues with traffic, people needing to relieve themselves, garbage, and more. So far, Trans Iowa has not been adversely affected by such issues, but I know other events that got "bigger" and have these sorts of challenges. Again- I could find a way to take care of all of these things given more money and manpower. That isn't in the cards, and I don't want to fundamentally change Trans Iowa into another Dirty Kanza 200, or like event. Like it or not, Trans Iowa is as "big" as I am willing for it to ever get.
  • Making Things Fair: There was a fair amount of comments complaining about the way that some could drive their entries in, be waiting at the door, or that had access to local folks who could drop off cards for them. Others had delivery nightmares with over night packages coming either too early or too late. Hear this: IF Trans Iowa happens again, the registration for Rookies will change to eliminate differences in how I get the post cards. I will say no more than that, but I have a plan, and I won't have to use it if I cannot/will not do another Trans Iowa event. Stay until next year sometime. Don't ask me again now!! I'd like to focus on THIS Trans Iowa, if you please. 
  • Qualifying Event(s): This idea was independently thought of by myself and another T.I. rider. It basically would entail that if someone that had never ridden a Trans Iowa finished a certain event, they would have a free pass to take on a Trans Iowa, if that should happen again. I am intrigued by this idea, but I am not fully sold on it either. This will go into the "think tank" for now, but I would entertain comments and suggestions on the merits, or lack thereof, on this concept. 
  • And Finally: As in anything related to Trans Iowa, folks typically want whatever they are concerned about in regard to the event to be made easier. So, the obvious thing to do is to make it harder to get into Trans Iowa. So, after the dust settles, and T.I.V11 is in the rear view mirror, and IF I get the itch to do this madness again, you can pretty much guarantee that I will tweak the registration qualifications or process, (or both), to make it more difficult to get into Trans Iowa for Rookies. It's basic economics. More Demand = Higher Prices. I know I see a LOT higher demand for spots. The spots available are EXTREMELY limited. Makes perfect sense to me. 
Comments and suggestions are always considered. Please e-mail me or hit the comments section. Thanks!

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