Sunday, December 11, 2016

First Snow Ride Of Winter

Riding the levee. Well......he was just before I snapped this image!
The snow finally fell here yesterday and during the overnight hours. I figure we got about 5 inches or so. But before it was all done, my son and I made a cardboard recycling run. Me on the Big Dummy and he on his new-to-him Origin 8 fat bike.

He got on with the 1X gearing really well, and now we're going to take some time to learn when to shift. He did manage a couple of moves that have frustrated him in the past. My favorite comment that he made was when we were just about to the house. There is a couple of blocks of slight incline that when he was a few years younger was a big hindrance to him. He thought it was a "big hill" and he hated going up that street. Yesterday he was almost to the end of it when he said, "Hey! I didn't think this was a hill, but we are going up!"

Yes, those mountains do become molehills once you've seen the real thing.

The Big Dummy pulled through well, but........  The thought of a Big Fat Dummy makes more sense now than ever. That's a dangerous thought!

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