Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Trans Iowa v13: Velocity U.S.A. To Sponsor T.I.v13!

Get certified!
Trans Iowa v13 Announces Sponsorship From Velocity USA:

Velocity USA has been a sponsor of Trans Iowa for several versions and Trans Iowa is pleased to announce that Velocity USA will once again be supplying a wheel set to one special rider in T.I.v13.

The wheel set will be awarded in a similar fashion as what was done a few Trans Iowas ago. The last certified rider through Checkpoint #2 in T.I.v13 that also finishes the event within the time limit will be awarded the wheel set. If the event is truncated or no one finishes after Checkpoint #2, other arrangements to award the wheel set may be made which will be decided upon by Guitar Ted and Velocity USA jointly. Only riders starting T.I.v13 will be eligible to get certified for this prizing.

 Keep in mind that the last rider through on time at CP#2 may not finish, so we will keep track of that and make sure we get the right person a certificate for the wheel set at the finish line.

That person will then contact Velocity USA and the details of exactly what you will get will be worked out. You know..... some of you roll with disc wheels, some don't. Some of you weirdos use those 650B hoops, many of you have 700c, and some of you roll on 29"ers. Whatever the case may be, Velocity will tailor the wheels to your needs within reason and you can experience the awesome power of Velocity wheels. (I added that last bit. It isn't "official Velocity marketing", but you know, they are great wheels.)

So, that's pretty much it. You don't have to be fast to get this wheel set, just consistent and on time. Any questions? Hit me up in the comments. And.......

Thanks Velocity USA! As a matter of fact, it would be great if you who are signed up for Trans Iowa would e-mail Velocity at Thanks!!

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