Friday, December 16, 2016

Winter Views: Bonus Post

The patterns in the frozen Cedar River from San Souci Bridge
Country Views was a popular semi-series of posts last Summer into Fall, but that won't be happening for a bit with temperatures the way that they have been. That and snow and ice will keep me off the wide open gravel roads for a bit yet. So, in lieu of that happening, I figured y'all maybe would get a kick out of seeing some Wntry scenes from my neck of the woods.

Here now is a series of images I took whilst out bumbling around the Cedar River in my city. We are pretty fortunate here to have bikeable paths and roads along much of the Cedar River's run on both sides through Waterloo and Cedar Falls. This means I can string together a loop from my home that can be as long as I want, pretty much, given the bridges I can utilize.

This time I used the San Souci Bridge and one of the Highway 63 bridges. Between these two bridges it would seem that there isn't much to love, if you are a fat biking fool like me, but with snow cover, this normally boring stretch of riding becomes an adventure. Plus, it is wide open, almost always aligned with the Northwest wind we get in Winter, and exposure to the elements is quite the test. If you want that kind of test. I figured I needed to acclimate since we're in for way-sub-freezing temperatures throughout Saturday night till Monday morning.

The Sun scudding along a low bank of clouds toward evening.
A stranger in a strange land.

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