Thursday, December 22, 2016

Rear View 2016: Images

I'm going to kick off my 2016 retrospect with some of my favorite images posted on the blog during the year. I hope that you enjoy this photo-dump.......

January '16
February '16
March '16
April '16
May '16
June '16
July '16
August '16
September '16
October '16
November '16
December '16


Okie Outdoorsman said...

Super photos! The one for August is one of the best, I believe. It speaks volumes about the season, the sport, the passion, without use of a single written word. All are home-runs, thanks for sharing.

Guitar Ted said...

@Okie Outdoorsman- Thank you! I particularly like the August one as well. It was from near the finish of Gravel Worlds just outside of Lincoln, Nebraska. It has particular meaning to me since that was my first finish in that event after a few tries previous to this.

Robert Ellis said...

Great bunch of pics. Thanks for posting those!

Tom Scott said...

Great pictures, and I recognize a few of those spots. Wishing you happy riding in 2017!

Steve Fuller said...

I recognize that shaded curve and stairstep climb from July. J ave just west of Traer from the TIV7 route. :)

Guitar Ted said...

@Steve Fuller: Yep! And it was supposed to be in T.I.v10.