Monday, December 12, 2016

Bikes Of 2016: Karate Monkey

2003 Karate Monkey with the Velo Orange Cigne stem
The old Karate Monkey. My first 29"er, and the bike I likely had my longest ride in one day on. That would have been the first Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational, which was 152 miles, but I rode to the start and back home again, a likely 14 mile addition, but it is "undocumented", so.......

Anyway, it is finally up and running again with the recent addition of a Velo Orange Cigne stem and the trusty Midge Bar. This bike hasn't seen a ton of riding in 2016, but it is possibly going to be my Winter gravel rig, and it already has seen some commuter duty.

There still are things that are going to get tweaked out. I have a different crank, chain ring, and rear cog that are going on this thing which will make it a bit more gravel road friendly. I have a Brooks saddle that will also be seeing duty on this bike. Eventually I will also be bringing over some Surly hubs in the limited edition "Jim Brown" ano color laced to new rims and I have a fresh set of WTB Nanoraptors to go on it when I get that far.

It is pretty much going to end up becoming a single speed gravel rig and a commuter bike. I always liked the bike in those roles best anyway.


Nate said...

Hi Mr. GT,
Just curious on why you took the Gary bars off. Was it an issue with the bars or just not the right fit for this bike?

Guitar Ted said...

@Nate: Short version: The hand position in the drops did not agree with me at all. There is a longer version of why I don't like the bar, which this format doesn't really work for.