Saturday, December 31, 2016

Looking Ahead

Now that this year is done I am going to take stock and look at what may be happening here on the blog going into 2017. It is always a dangerous thing to do that, since from the beginning of this blog I have hinted at and predicted its end several times. Guess what? I am not saying or hinting at that again this time. But, it could all end, ya know.

Me and this cement elephant have no idea why I have a glove hanging from my mouth.
Weirder things have happened. I do agree though that I have no idea what will happen this coming year. Heck, there are a lot of things I don't know. Really. I do know that there will be endings. There will be beginnings. That much is a given, but what those might be, I have no idea.

I can only say that I have been on somewhat of a mission these past six years or so to start to let go of things. I am a firm believer that good changes won't come as long as you have a tight grip on what you have now. I have not been all that successful at letting some things go, (Trans Iowa), while I have been able to let go of some other stuff, (The Cyclistsite, Twenty Nine Inches), and that has been a very liberating thing. Letting go of some things like that and more has given me the opportunity to get on board with and that has suited me to a "T" so far.

But what of this blog? I've been at it for over a decade. Is it getting old? Has its time been here and gone? Well, if the feedback I've gotten in 2016 is any indication, then the clear answer is "no", it is not past due to go away. Not yet anyway.

So, expect a near daily dosage of blog activity just like I have been doing until further notice. Again- anything can happen, so I am not going to promise you that in 2018 I'll still be pounding the keyboard, but that is the plan as I can see it. Of course, I thank you, the readers, for giving me part of the reason to keep going. I thank you for stopping by, checking out the gab here, and I really appreciate any and all feedback. Keep it coming!

Happy New Year! I wish you all health, happiness, and love this coming year for you and yours. Thanks for reading!


graveldoc said...

It must be kind of taxing to maintain a daily blog like you do. That said, I don't know what I'd do without my "Daily Ted" so I hope you'll keep it up! I've learned a lot from reading GTP, and now, Riding Gravel. Thanks for all you do and have a happy, healthy 2017!

jhueber1 said...

Happy New Year and a vote to keep the blog going as long as possible, one of my 1st stops every morning.

Tim said...

Thanks for your dedication to biking, gravel, hospitality, and honest opinions. I look forward to reading as I look forward to my morning coffee. Many beneficial challenges, discoveries, and insights for you in 2017!

RC said...

Happy New Year GT!!

Okie Outdoorsman said...

I am glad that you are going to continue writing. Am a daily reader, and I find your writing encouraging, to me, to get out there and ride my bikes. I filter all the industry "hype" through your perspectives, and it has helped me to stay grounded in what is really going on in the type of riding/mostly gravel/mixed roads that I do. Would be a sad day when I couldn't get my daily dose of GT. Stay happy, though, and the rest will follow. Thank you for another year of a SUPER blog!

Doug G said...

Happy New Year! I have enjoyed your blog for years and is one of my first stops on the internet with my morning coffee.

Guitar Ted said...

@All- Thank you very much for all the encouragement. I am humbled and honored to have you all make the effort to express support for me and my writing.

Happy New Year!!

Piperguy416 said...

Love the blog, and thanks for it!