Saturday, December 03, 2016

Minus Ten Review- 48

Some of the first T.I.v3 cards we received during that Trans Iowa's registration
Ten years ago on the blog the talk was about Trans Iowa v3.The registration had been announced and we were starting to receive our very first Trans Iowa post card entries. That's right.....our very first Trans Iowa post cards. 

You see, Trans Iowa did online registration for the first two versions. Then we regressed! We decided to make it even more simple, and we also decided that we were going to be a free to enter event. The insurance costs, which is what the entry fee used to cover,was becoming just too much for our minds to charge riders. Besides, post cards were, and are, more fun to get. So, that is what we did and 2006 marked the first Trans Iowa post card entry receptions.

We went backward and never looked ahead! Trans Iowa seemed to spawn other "post card" entry events after this. Even now, when I see things like the Almanzo 100, I grin because post card entry action was pretty much instigated by Trans Iowa. At least in the gravel grinder category. Some events used to use post cards, but ended up going to online registrations, which is cool, but Trans Iowa will never do online registration again.

Someday I'll have to display my favorites, but after 13 versions, it gets hard to choose!

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Robert Ellis said...

I'm sure you have an incredible collection; as those of us who ride gravel are already an eclectic bunch!