Friday, December 23, 2016

Rear View 2016: Part 1

The Rear View 2016 is my retrospective of the year that is about to pass. I've been doing this for about as long as I have been blogging, so many of you know the drill. With that said, here is Part 1
During the beginning of 2016 I thoroughly enjoyed the snow conditions we had. I think it was the best for fat biking that we had enjoyed since I had been riding a fat bike going back to 2011. I got out often as I could and enjoyed just about every ride. Well......there was that one time I flatted at the start of a ride when it was about 0°F with a negative degree wind chill. That kind of sucked.......

I introduced the "Minus Ten Review". A weekly look back at what I was blogging about ten years ago with some up to date commentary. I have no idea if anyone is digging that series, but I plan on continuing it into 2017, at least as long as folks don't raise a ruckus and tell me to just stop it.

Sorry! That was about the future! 

I discovered the microscope setting on my camera
 There was a fair amount of Trans Iowa stuff going on in February. I guess I had decided to get cranking up on the stuff I needed to get done.

February also was usually about half Frostbike stuff, but in an epic error in judgement, our shop employee in charge of getting us registered waited too long to try and register us. Frostbike has a limited number of folks that they let in the door, and all of us got left looking in from the outside. It was the first Frostbike I had missed in something like 13 years.

March came and I started transitioning over to gravel riding. I had tires to test and write about for, plus I had signed up for the Cup O Dirt Challenge. I actually bagged an early metric century and I figured I was well on my way to getting the Cup, but I lost track of it all in the Summer and I have no idea where I stand with regard to that now. So...... yeah. 

I'm not a very good record keeper, for the record.  That's why I write the blog, is one of the reasons why. If I didn't do this, I would lose track of a lot of stuff! So, yeah........back to being all retrospective-like. 

March brought a freakish Winter storm that sucker punched us with cold, wind, and snow one last time, but then it straightened out. Which was a good thing, since I had the Renegade Gents Race coming up right off the bat in April.

Next: Part 2

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