Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday News And Views

Welcome to the first "Friday News And Views" of 2017. The traditions for this series of posts runs back all the way to the beginnings of this blog. You can expect a near weekly edition throughout the year.......

Design for the new Pirate Cycling League kits.
 New Pirate Cycling League Kit Design:

Okay, first off, I don't know anything about how to get this, or even if you will be able to for sure, so there is that. I was tagged on Facebook by the graphic design company that did the work on this. That's all I know for sure.

That said, usually around this time of the year we see a new design from those piratey-Pirates of the League. I've gotten their kits before and wear them proudly. I imagine that we will get "official word" about "how" and "when" and "how much" sometime soon.

By the way, the Pirate Cycling League are the guys and gals that bring you Gravel Worlds, so you should click that link and go see the news about that event. (And the super-rad new graphics they have up) If you have ever attended the Gravel Worlds event, you know it is a "family reunion" of gravel freaks, a party, a super cool ride, and a big challenge. If you can't tell, I am a big fan of what they do and I heartily recommend that you experience the fun.

I just may have to add this little number to my collection of gravel cycling wear. It would be a good way to celebrate my finish of the event last year.
Or maybe I should get the "PCL Army" look.

More fashionable gravel cycling wear for 2017
Riding Gravel Jersey:

The jersey parade keeps on going here today with a bit of news about the jersey offering for 2017. Now this one I can say really will be available. The final designs were signed off on just a wee bit ago and once everything is ready to go on the manufacturing end, will put the word out on how to pre-order this jersey, bibs, vest, arm warmers, and knee warmers.

This will be my main kit going into 2017 for events and organized rides, since, well.......I am part owner at Riding Gravel after all. I figured I'd better fly the colors if we had them to fly. Now we will, and others will be able to get thier RG freak on as well soon.

I do know that this jersey will be a very limited time offer, so when the pre-order goes live you should pull the trigger and not waffle on this. Once the order goes in, I doubt we will do another run unless we get overwhelmed with requests. could happen. Realistically? Probably not, so don't bank on being able to grab one of these later. Just letting you all who might be interested know ahead of time.

And also- I have no idea yet what any of the above jerseys will be going for. guessed it! Registration is TOMORROW for the DK200, by the way.
 DK200 Registration TOMORROW!

Ah what the heck! I figured I'd keep the jersey theme going. Why not?!

The real info here you need to have is that the Dirty Kanza 200 registration is TOMORROW at 8:00am CST.

Don't snooze yer way past 8:00am CST or you will most certainly NOT get into this event. Spots go in mere minutes once the floodgates open and I suspect tomorrow there will be a new record for sell out on the 2200 spots that span the event distances on offer. Last year the Half Pint 100 sold out in less than half an hour.

The highly coveted registration spots will go in a big hurry, but like anything, many times folks end up getting in to situations or experiencing life changes that prevent them from coming to Emporia Kansas for the event. At you can check out this thread on the forums especially set up to facilitate the exchange of information to help you find entries that are up for grabs. The entire process is carefully explained there, so check that out if for some reason you don't get a spot for the event. Also, we did a podcast where I interviewed LeLan Dains and Jim Cummings of the DK Promotions company. You can listen to what is up for the 2017 DK200 HERE.

Thanks for reading all the gravelly news that was fit to digitize today. Have a safe, warm, and enjoyable weekend.


Rydn9ers said...

Pirate Cycling League jersey order in live now for the Army Kit and closes on February 5th. Don't delay, order now!

Guitar Ted said...

@Rob E: Ordered! Thanks!!

Rydn9ers said...

No problem, looks like the other kit is live now too.