Friday, January 27, 2017

Riding For Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken: Image courtesy of Sam Auen's "Fowl Words" blog.
You know, I have a history of "thinking out loud" here and there that gets me into things I never dreamed of. Take for instance Trans Iowa. That totally was a spur of the moment blurt that got me hooked into 13 years of producing the nuttiest gravel event ever. Or take that time I "thought out loud" on the blog here when I was thinking about a 29"er "meet-up" in the Mid-West. That got me into a pickle that affected many folks AND Trans Iowa. Or what about that time I posted here about how "someone should put together a gravel events calendar". Yeah.......We all know what that all led to.

Suffice it to say that I probably should reconsider just  putting my spur of the moment thoughts, whatever those may be, out for public consumption. I often end up sliding down another rabbit hole and fast. In fact, that happened Wednesday evening. You know......I was just sitting around, mindlessly surfing the innergoogles, as I often do before I retire for the evening, and some twisted thought just popped into my head. It's one thing to have that happen, but for some God forsaken reason, I actually posted it on Twitter. I really should know better, but, ya know, at the time I figured, "What the heck!" It was all just done in fun, as far as I was concerned.

I have no idea where these twisted thoughts arise from. Maybe it is because I am originally from Charles City, Iowa. I know of several twisted individuals that came out of that village. Maybe it was too much loud music and beer in my 20's, or maybe I got a whiff of something I shouldn't have at that Motley Crue concert in the 80's.

Who knows?

Someone needs to stop me from Tweeting late at night!
So, I posted this, what I thought was, innocuous Tweet late in the evening and thought, "Meh! Nobody will notice that. Sam probably won't even acknowledge it."

I figured it was a stupid thing to even suggest. I mean, Sam, of Tacopocalypse and Krunkwich Ramen House fame has a lot on his platter, so to speak. He even has plans in the hopper for other restaurants and going gallivanting around chasing down fried chicken on a bicycle...... Well! Yeah, whatever dude! I thought it would probably be received like a ding-dong comment from the nerdy kid on the back of the bus.

But.....I was wrong. 

It just escalated from there......
 Sam hadn't even seen the Tweet before two other folks were all over the idea. Then in the morning, more folks jumped on the bandwagon saying this should happen. Next thing I know Sam is researching places to go. What the heck!

Now, maybe you are sitting there thinking that this sounds like a really cool idea and that I need to organize a ride to go eat fried chicken in some remote, small town restaurant. Yes.......that would be cool, but keep in mind that it is just an idea here and nothing more. Who knows if anything will ever come of it, but I do know that if it does, it will be awesome. I mean really..........fried chicken and gravel riding? 

How can it not be awesome? 


Steve Fuller said...

Rural economic development at it's finest. :)

Unknown said...

It's probably that Charles City water. That's my hometown as well and I've had some pretty peculiar thoughts.

You need to make sure you get to Primghar. Their fried chicken is amazing. They also give you a free shot of peppermint schnapps before you leave.

Unknown said...

Guitar Ted. You should review these: