Saturday, January 28, 2017

Minus Ten Review- 4

One size too small...... Meh!
Ten years ago on the blog I debuted another, new to me, 29"er that I got as a "payment" for working up some copy on the Haro catalog the year before. This was a well thought out bike, but I went and got the thing a size too small. I have found that I typically fit better on Larges with regard to 29"ers versus the Mediums, but I really fall in between sizes. A bit to far on the "large end" for a medium and a bit too far on the "small end" for a Large.

I think it is interesting to note that almost no one makes 29"ers like this anymore. Not the big brands, at any rate. There was a lot of 26"er influences here and almost none of that exists today. If this bike came out now it would be regarded as a "touring bike", or most probably a "bikepacking bike" with the negatives of no through axles and no "plus size tire" capabilities. And what the heck is that crank set? Triple rings?!!


On another note, I was to receive some 2.25" WTB WeirWolf tires to test. These would be the biggest tires for a 29"er that you could get in 2007. I remember hearing, ad nauseam, I might add, that tire companies could not make a bigger tire because the mold machines could not do anything bigger.

Imagine that today!


Ben said...

I've always said if they made a md.5 I'd be set! But I too lean towards the large.

Guitar Ted said...

@Ben- Sometimes you see "Med-Lg" and "Lg" sizes offered where the top tube is a bit more extended on the "Md-Lg" than the Medium. I see where that would benefit the folks with longer torsos than legs.

Me? I am the other way around. I'd need a Medium's top tube with a Larges seat tube!