Sunday, January 08, 2017

On The Radio

Yesterday I got to speak with a couple of fine gentlemen. LeLan Dains and Jim Cummings of the DK Promotions were our guests on the Riding Gravel Radio Ranch podcast. It was a good episode and I think folks will enjoy it once it goes live, likely by tomorrow sometime. The main thing we speak about is that the registration for the Dirty Kanza 200 is happening in less than a week next Saturday at 8:00am CST.

Podcasting is kind of a weird deal, but I guess some folks do get in to it all. I enjoy recording them, but I will say that I am not necessarily a huge podcast consumer. I do listen to a few out there from time to time. I'm a stock car racing fan from way, way back, so my favorite podcast is the Dirty Mo Radio's "Dale Jr. Download". My Dad used to be involved in auto racing, so that's where I got the bug. But as far as cycling podcasts go, I don't regularly listen to anything anymore since the "FredCast" went dark a year or more ago. If you are in to mountain biking though, there are a lot of good episodes on Mountain Bike Radio, so check those out.

First off, I will say that any other podcaster is way better than I am. But for some reason, I guess folks like listening to me on ours. You can check that out HERE if you ever dare. That link will take you to our 19th episode where I prognosticate on cycling's future, amongst other stuff like Trans Iowa, and more. The 20th episode should air tomorrow. Again......listen if you dare! 

Maybe I'll be the voice you hear on the radio sometime soon. As crazy as that sounds.......

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