Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Heading To The Almanzo

That's Ben displaying the new RidingGravel.com banner we will have up at Cherry Grove.
Last year through a series of bizarre circumstances I ended up in Cherry Grove, Minnesota on a chilly, super windy day, cheering on riders in the annual Almanzo 100 and Royal 165 events. I took my son with me, and he had a blast. It was a great day, albeit totally unexpected on my end.

Now it is 2017 and RidingGravel.com is committed to supporting the Cherry Grove checkpoint for the Almanzo 100 again. Last year we had minimal "presence" in terms of our name being out there, so if you didn't catch that it was Riding Gravel doing that checkpoint, I totally understand. It was a last minute effort which we were not 100% prepared for, but in terms of what counted to the riders, we did a good job by all accounts.

So, this year we have a banner, and we have those two road signs we had last year, so look for us if you are in the event. We will try to have a good time, provide drinks and snacks like last year, and generally be supportive of the efforts of you, the riders. Stop by and say "hi", if you'd like, or ride by and give us a wave and a smile, if you care to.

We look forward to seeing you, if you are going.

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