Sunday, May 28, 2017

Badger Reborn

All done. Now for some tweaking on the set up.
Well, the Badger drop bar specific bike is done. Basically, it is what I had intended it to be from the beginning. Well, excepting that I thought I was getting a single speed bike in the beginning, but other than that, this is how I imagined the Badger was to turn out.

Most of this build was pretty easy for me to figure out. A 9 speed drive train governed by Gevanelle shifters and an XT/Deore/TA Specialties drive train. of course I used a Luxy Bar for my controls to mount on. The brakes are old Avid mechanical brakes and they are clamping Ashima rotors.

The stem and head set are Velo Orange bits while the seat post is a titanium Salsa post. The saddle is a Brooks Cambium C-17 in Wheat. The bar tape is fizik.

The wheels were something I figured would be an issue since I have a plan to make the hubs silver as well as the rims. That could have put a big delay on the completion of this project since I wasn't going to accept anything less than a nice quality hub and rim. I also wanted to use a skinwall tire, but to find something that was at least a two inch wide tire with a reasonably fast tread pattern,well, that isn't easy to do yet. So, I decided to go with the wheels I had been using on my Gen I Fargo. Those came over shod with the Teravail Sparwoods and those just needed a new shot of sealant and they were good to go.

So , that's the Badger and how it will be for now. I hope to get a new wheeel set going later into the year.


tntmoriv said...

GT, have you tried the Continental Speed Kings? They are 2.2's but seem to work well on Montana gravel, hardpack, and pavement. They are pretty light, and roll fast.

Bob said...

Gorgeous bike!

Guitar Ted said...

@Todd Tillinger- Great looking tires, but no skinwall. I'll hold out.

@Robert Jones- Thank you!

Ari said...

What color is that bike? I have always liked those badgers. Interesting to hear how it compares to your Fargo. Ari

Guitar Ted said...

@Ari- Kind of an "Allis Chalmers" orange. Browner than a straight up orange, and it has a creme panel. I'll get an image up in better light soon.