Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday News And Views

Trek introduces a 29" wheeled DH sled. Yes......Trek.
Trek Announces A Production DH Big Wheeler:

Trek, and by extension, the former Gary Fisher brand, have been on the forefront of 29 inch wheeled developments for close to two decades now. I have to hand it to Trek. They have kept their feet to the fire, (mostly), that entire stretch of time. This production DH sled with big wheels is yet another example of this.

While Trek gets poo-pooed often because they are a "big brand", or "corporate" or whatever, you also cannot deny that Trek has put a lot of R&D effort into the 29"er over the years. Have you ever wondered why there are forks with 51mm of offset, frames with shorter rear ends and slacker head angles, and components like Fox Shox and Rock Shox forks for 29"ers? You can thank Trek for all of that. Trek tested ideas in labs and in the field to come up with many of the innovations in 29"ers we take for granted today.

So when I hear that Trek tested their Session 27.5"er against the Session with 29"er wheels and found that the big wheels were faster everywhere by up to three seconds per minute, I believe that. When they claim the 27.5"er was not better in any form of their testing, you can believe that they actually did legitimate testing, and those were the results.

Again, I was a naysayer when it came to 29"ers and DH competition, but kudos to Trek for proving me wrong here. Not that a 29"er DH sled matters at all to me or most folks. But when it does show to what extent 29" wheels make sense across the board for any mountain biking, well, that is significant.

The alt design which we didn't use.....
Tremendous Response:

Thank you so much to all who purchased t-shirts over the past week. I was floored by the response and I sure hope that these t-shirts bring a smile when they get worn.

By the way, if you wear a size medium, you could get one as well. I have about 9 left, and when they are gone, that's it! Interested? Go to the Garage Sale Page for the deets.

I'd sure like to see those final sized medium shirts get used up, but if they don't I will likely figure out another plan of action. But thank you again folks! Because I only have 9 shirts to handle now, not three times that many! As far as the money goes, I am thinking I may need to do some sprucing up on the "Truck With No Name", since that is the main recon rig. The tires are getting pretty chewed up on that vehicle, so I am thinking I'll get some new ones soon. And then, who knows.... If there is another TI the truck will be all good to go for it. All I can say is that all the gravel miles have started to take a toll on that truck's shoes.

The flowers are back again!
Flower Power:

 I have gotten a couple rides in recently out in the country and the views are really getting good again. The ditch flowers are popping already and the purples, yellows, pinks, and whites flourish in different corners of the county now.

So, I have gotten some time on this suspension stem I am testing and more time on the WTB Byway tires also. I will be posting about those things as well as some Banjo Brothers bags I have and a couple of other odd parts I am checking out as well.

But the main thing is getting out to see what is going on in the country and also to get some miles in my legs. I'll be honest,this year has been a struggle and yesterday I jacked up some muscles in my left calf taking of a shoe of all things. Mrs.Guitar Ted has been made aware of the problem and has a course of action for me to take. I am not bad, it is just a muscle issue, but it hurts like the dickens.

So, yeah, I may be riding more now but I'll be riding slower! At least for a while until this issue clears up. I just hope that I can get out there and enjoy the scenery, ride against the wind, and be gone on my bicycle for several hours. I rode my bicycle yesterday and that was right after I injured my leg. It was fine, but I have to take it easy. The flowers are waiting though! I'll be getting out there, don't you worry about that!

That's it for today. Have a great weekend and ride those bicycles!


Kevin Herman said...

I would for sure rock an alt-design shirt! Love it!

MICHAEL said...

It's hell getting old. I also suffer from less miles this year than last...lather, rinse, repeat. I find myself choosing shorter rides, less challenging. Sometimes the old bod' just can't take it. Toss in a few illnesses and structural breakdowns, and you soon realize that any ride is a good ride.