Saturday, June 17, 2017

Minus Ten Review- 23 & 24

The "OG" Twin Six bicycle offering. Made by WaltWorks
After taking up last weekend with my recap of my Kansas ride, we get back on track with a double dose of Minus Ten. Enjoy!

Ten years ago on the blog covering the first two weeks of June I had been allowed to talk, finally, about a bike I had been aware of for months. Twin Six's first frame and fork offering, the "CustomStock".

It was welded up by WaltWorks in Colorado and looked great. Had I not already had two custom projects in the works there is a really good chance I would have ended up with one of these bikes. Actually, I did end up with a set of wheels meant as spec for one of these frames. But the bike would have been awesome.

More importantly for this review, this T-6 frame and fork offering set off a firestorm of critique based upon how "custom/semi-custom frames and forks are rip-offs" by the keyboard jockeys of the day. This prompted a week long series about "Custom vs Production" posts here on the blog. I re-read that and I think it is something worth revisiting here. Stay tuned on that.......

In another interesting post, I talk about the ways that events like the Kokopelli Trail Race and other, ultra-endurance, off-road, under-the-radar type events were getting shut down by the BLM and government rules and regulations. I talked about how that could be spread to affect events like Trans Iowa. Perhaps this too might be worth revisiting as a topic here......

Finally, there was a two post string at the end of this time period ten years ago about "killing the blog". Not my blog! I was talking about the trend of many endurance based and grassroots cyclists who had started blogging but had found the burden of content creation too much to bear. Blogging really got cranked up in the early 00's and reached a zenith of sorts by 2007. I think ever since then it hasn't been the same.Certainly there are some solid cycling based blogs out there, but the salad days of blogging are long gone.

I haven't got any inclination to stop writing here just yet, so don't get yer hopes up!.


Jason said...

I've enjoyed your blog since the beginning. I get a little nostalgic for reading and keeping up with the folks I rode and raced with on their blogs, but times move on. I guess Facebook and Twitter filled that sharing void for many folks. I don't race anymore, still ride, and continue to blather about it on my blog which just turned 12 in April. It's started out as one thing, turned into another, and now I just do it for me. Riding, writing, riding, I find it cathartic. Doesn't matter to me if anyone reads it (and most don't, ha!)

Keep up the great work here and on your other sites.


blooddoc23 said...

Glad you write!