Friday, June 02, 2017

Friday News And Views

The new Riding Gravel Radio Ranch podcast features tales of Almanzo and more.
New Podcast Is Live: 

Ben, Matt, (of  the "Just Riding Along" podcast), and myself have just put out the latest "Riding Gravel Radio Ranch" podcast for your listening pleasure HERE. It is also available through the Mountain Bike Radio app, Stitcher, and most podcast outlets.

It is a rambling show where we talk about the Trans Iowa experience, our volunteering at the Cherry Grove checkpoint for the Almanzo 100 and Royal (or "Royale", as Matt thinks it should be), 162 events held in Spring Valley Minnesota a couple of weeks ago now. Ben also gets a kick out of #bikeshophorrors and "chain sculptures'. Finally, we touch on what will be coming up in the next update on the podcast, hopefully which will be available for download in a couple of weeks or so from now.

I apologize to listeners for the unusual timing between podcasts, but Ben has been in a big moving phase in his life right now going from North Dakota to Wisconsin and that has put a big obstacle in our way as far as producing these podcasts. At some point, it will become more of a regular thing.

Someone with this sticker on a Subaru Forester was not very patient Wednesday!
Not My Red Light:

I commute to work by bicycle and have used the same basic route for probably 13 years plus. So, folks know me out there. It isn't often that I see something I haven't before, but Wednesday proved different.

I rolled up behind an sage green Forrester with the bumper sticker shown here plastered on the back of it. I hadn't seen the car before, but it had Black Hawk County plates. Heading West on Falls, you have to wait at the red light to allow oncoming traffic to turn left. It takes a few seconds to wait. That turn signal for left turning traffic maybe lasts 30-45 seconds. I know. I go through that intersection a lot.

Well, apparently "Not My President" thought that the red light wasn't his red light, because he tried to poke his nose up the street, clearly alarming those who had the right to turn. Eventually the Forrester caused one car to stop and the Forrester blew the intersection and raced up the street.


Sometimes it might be best if you didn't put any stickers on your car at all. Or maybe it would be better if you obeyed traffic laws for all of our safety? I don't know. Maybe I'm just not in touch with reality..........

So.......Guitar Ted? Where'd that come from? Image by Jason Boucher
Frequently Asked Question:

If I had to chose what I get asked most about, I would have no problem identifying that subject. It would be why I am called "Guitar Ted" and where that came from.

Matt from Mountain Bike Radio asked me that point blank when we met up in Cherry Grove. Many folks have asked me that question over the years.

It has been that way for years. In fact, I have a permanent page explaining the story which has a link just under the header up there. For those of you that have never noticed, here is that same link. I think it was like the second or third blog post I ever wrote for this site. I did not have any images for it back then, but I have added a couple since.

Anyway, Matt from Mountain Bike Radio says that I need to tell the story on the Riding Gravel Radio Ranch podcast, so I guess that will be out there sometime soon. If you can't be arsed to read about it, well at least soon you can listen to it at your leisure while you do whatever. Just a fair warning there......

Okay, that's all for today. I hope to be having a good ride in Kansas tomorrow and if you are riding, I hope you have a great, safe ride as well.


Ari said...

Have a great ride. Please say hi to all our mutual friends. Good weather to everyone! Ari

youcancallmeAl said...

Don't quite get the sticker connection

2WheelsRBetterThan4 said...

Bad drivers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, ages and beliefs. Maybe this was one of them. However, it doesn't sound like this person intended any malice. Is it possible they were in a hurry to get to a hospice to see a loved one before they died? Or to a hospital or even to someone's home in a moment of crisis? Without knowing it serves no purpose to make veiled implications about them because of their bumper sticker. Disappointing.

Guitar Ted said...

@youcancallmeAl @2WheelsRBetterThan4:

The person was clearly endangering the safety of others. Moreover; they had ample opportunity to proceed through the intersection before the oncoming left turn traffic got the green arrow.

I witnessed the incident and it was clear that either the driver was impaired or just being overly aggressive. Neither is an excuse for putting multiple people at risk.

Finally, the reference to the sticker was explained in the text that went along with the image. If you don't see the irony in that, okay. But the rest of the story is not explained away by supposing the person had an emergency based upon my observations explained in this comment

This was a very dangerous situation instigated by the driver of the Forrester. I see no other logical explanation for waiting until oncoming traffic is making a left turn in front of you.