Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thinning The Herd

This frame and fork will be going bye-bye.....
So, I have this frame and fork I need to move along. Maybe I've fallen ill, or maybe it is because it is raining as I write this and I am bored, or maybe I am not in my right mind, but yes......

The Gen 2 Fargo frame and fork, (only), are going to be offered up for sale.

Okay, before y'all get fired up and start typing me e-mails about parts- None of the components from the build you see here are for sale! Only the frame and fork, along with the headset, because in my mind, that is part of the frame set. But anyway- don't even ask about the wheels and tires. They are already going on another bike I have. The Cowchippers are staying with me. The ti seat post is already in another bike. Got it?

Just the frame and fork folks. That's it.

Now, with that out of the way, here is why.....

Me on the Gen 2 Fargo at Odin's Revenge. Image by L Trullinger
I haven't ridden the Gen 2 Fargo in over a year. That's a tragedy, and a waste of a good bike. I need to find someone who will use this frame and fork and love it. It is an awesome rig, but if I am not using it, it has to go. Just like the Singular Gryphon, which I wasn't riding, and sold to a happy new owner, I hope this frame and fork find its "happy new owner" soon.

Then there is the thing I've always wanted, and that is to find a Ti Fargo. That's a "grail" bike for me, but it really makes no sense to get a Ti Fargo when I have two Fargos sitting here and one that I never ride anymore. Reason to move said Fargo gets even stronger......

I never used this frame and fork as I had intended, which was as a geared mountain bike with a suspension fork. That was my intention going in to this, but it never really worked out that way. That pretty much nails all the reasons I want to sell this frame and fork.

So, that is news, and if you are wondering, this is on my "Garage Sale" page now. If you are interested or are curious, shoot me an e-mail. It's a size Large, by the way.

I probably won't get one of these. They are all gone......
So, looking forward, a Ti Fargo is in my future. Just what year model and all is not known. I have a line on a '15 in my size, but I'll have to do some negotiating on that one. So, it is a possibility that this happens sooner than later.

The reasoning here is that titanium rides better, (yes, it really does), and for how I use a Fargo, (gravel, adventure, bad weather, frame bags, etc), titanium makes sense. I hope to get one with Alternators for that bail out possibility and for a possible internal gear set up at some point.

So, there you have it. This isn't probably "thinning the herd" as much as it is a looking to "trade up", but there are no guarantees I'll end up where I want to be in terms of a Ti Fargo. I do mean to get the steel Gen 2 Fargo into someone elses hands though. So, for now, I am going with the "thinning the herd" theme until further notice!

And there will be more future "herd thinning". Some in terms of retired service bikes and some for sale. I may end up with some odds and ends for sale too. I just look around at my stuff and see "too much" in several areas. I have to address that. It isn't good to have a lot and not use it for something. 

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grannygear said...

"It isn't good to have a lot and not use it for something." Wise words.