Saturday, November 16, 2019

Minus Ten Review 2009-46

Breaking in the "Truck With No Name" right by doing recon for T.I.v6
Ten years ago this week I was doing recon for Trans Iowa v6 and then it was a meeting with the Grinnell folks, then it was all T.I.v6 registration for the remainder of the week.

I should probably hold off on some of this for the "Trans Iowa Stories" series, (next post will be up tomorrow), but I will say a bit here, since nothing else was really on the blog that week ten years ago but T.I.v6 stuff.

I chose today's image because it represents a bit of skullduggery that I used to pull off whenever I did Trans Iowa related posts on the blog. You must remember that there never were any leaks or even much of any hinting about our courses. The directions and even many features concerning T.I. courses was always kept very close to the vest. I also understood that many folks would be trying to piece together what I was up to based upon my imagery here. So, I was cognizant of many things whenever posting recon images for Trans Iowa. (This goes for C.O.G. 100 pics as well, by the way.)
  • I never posted any images with the corner "street signs", as this would give away position and may lead to folks guessing the course direction, and/or allowing for cheating, or for folks to camp out at those spots hoping to be spectators, ( or aiding in cheating). 
  • I tried to be cagey with images of bridges, or identifiable structures. (See above for reasons why)
  • I never posted village images for obvious reasons. 
  • I would sprinkle in images from places not on the T.I. course. (See today's image, ostensibly from T.I.v6, but not actually on the course)
  • I would post images out of order to throw off folks thinking they could tell which direction I was going in from shadows and the position of the Sun in imagery. 
And y'all probably thought I was just blithely posting images from my recon, and as well you should have. But I was always trying to think about the cheaters.

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