Friday, May 07, 2010

Bike Shop Horrors: Subliminal Message!

What We Have Here...  A typical Bontrager hybrid tire, by the looks of it, all innocuous and plain. nothing much to get excited over, right?

......Is Not What It Seems! Yeah. we all know "sex sells", and all that, but on a hybrid tire?

I'm sure this isn't intentional on Bontrager's part, but I thought it sure was funny!

Have a great week and get out and ride!


Captain Bob said...

That's a good one!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I have a whole shop full of bikes with these on them. Nice tires, but I can't help think they should have thought a little harder about this one.

grannygear said...

Does it sell in a plain brown wrapper?

Unknown said...

One of my other favorite subliminal bike messages is seen on the Shimano S075 mountain bike shoes. Seen upside down, it reads SLOW.

larry said...

All graphics that go on a bike or bike component need to either be shown to a bike shop employee or a 13 year old kid to see if in any way, shape, or form could be perverted in some way. The higher end Yakima hitch mounts need to be re-worked also. The bottle opener looks like a sex-ed demonstration.